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  • Tex Well

    Athleisure Fashion textiles developed for popular casual men's and women's clothing.

    TexWell fabric uses special three-dimensional structure on the inner and outer layers. It uses the principle of siphon and capillaries to quickly sweat away from the outer layer of clothing to evaporate and keep the body dry. It has the functions of moisture absorption, quick drying and UV blocking. The three-dimensional structure gives the fabric a more fashionable appearance. In addition, it can be combined with inner sanding treatment for softer feel, comfortable touch and better thermal insulation effect.

    • Eli Tech

      New generation of elastic fabric series is with natural elasticity, high recovery rate and high dimensional stability, soft hand feeling, can be matched with special-shaped fiber to make the finished product have durable moisture absorption and quick-drying function, not reducing performance due to washing. Providing zonal elasticity and bidirectional elasticity, and it is suitable for sportswear or general casual wearing.

    • COT Tech

      The latest series of chemical fiber fabrics. Vsing ultra-fine fiber for lightweight knit fabrics, soft feel, good sense of drape, with delicate jacquard to make more rich appearance. In addtion to need for  micro sanded and no micro-fiber pollution caused. It's the best choice for women's wear and skin-friendly clothing.